Bookkeeping services include the following;

  1. QuickBooks setup and instruction;
  2. payroll services setup and management including employee onboarding; and
  3. preparation of monthly, quarterly and/or annual financial statements complete with general ledger and bank & credit card reconciliations.

The best way to keep your business out of financial trouble is to keep a clean set of books on a regular and consistent basis. Your company’s books should be clean and up-to-date starting day 1. That way, you will be ready for anything the business world throws at you such as: virus pandemics; surprise IRS audits; visits from sales tax auditors; emergency bank loans; divorce; death of a spouse; or other personal emergencies that require large cash dividend withdrawals from your business.

DO NOT use a CPA to do your bookkeeping and tax work; they are just too expensive. Your CPA will simply hire the cheapest most inexperienced bookkeeper he can find (typically someone right out of school) and charge you quadruple their hourly rate. What should you do instead? Hire me, an experienced and reasonably priced bookkeeper! I will charge you far less, cut the turn-around time in half, and provide better quality work.

Tax Preparation

1. Tax preparation services include:
2. preparation of Federal and State business entity returns including K-1s and Schedules C;
3. preparation of Federal and State personal tax returns of the business owners;
4. preparation of State sales tax returns; and
5. preparation of Federal and State payroll tax returns.

Here is a little-known secret: Often times, preparation of your business tax return is a very trivial matter IF your books are kept in good shape on a consistent basis throughout the tax year. So, really, you do not need an expensive CPA to prepare your tax return. If your bookkeeper is doing his or her job throughout the year, completing your business tax return is a very simple matter. The bookkeeper simply transcribes the relevant financial information to the return. This allows you to review, sign and e-file the return yourself. That is why my tax preparation fees are the lowest you will find anywhere. In fact, I prepare annual business income tax returns for free for all of my monthly and quarterly bookkeeping clients.


Consulting services include:

  1. selection of business entity;
  2. periodic or one-time reviews of financial statements and/or tax returns;
  3. detailed analyses of individual transactions, accounts or of the general ledger as a whole;
  4. tax planning;
  5. cash planning;
  6. estate planning;
  7. fraud detection;
  8. litigation support including divorce;
  9. support in buying or selling a business or business assets;
  10. audit support;
  11. bank loan support for obtaining SBA or conventional business loans;
  12. grant writing for 501(c)3 organizations;
  13. IRS representation support (Ask me how I can help you to represent yourself!); and
  14. sales tax audit representation.

NEWS FLASH! You DO NOT have to pay huge fees to attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents for business setup, bookkeeping support, bank loan support or IRS representation. I will help you to help yourself and, in the process, charge you a very small fraction of the cost. I will hold your hand through the entire process and the work will be done promptly, accurately, and, as always, with excellent customer service. If you must hire an attorney or CPA, then reduce the cost by allowing me to do the bookkeeping and number crunching for you while they focus on the strategy, planning and analysis side. This will save you thousands of dollars in fees!

Fast Turn-Around!

Quality Work!

Excellent Service!